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“You were made to dance like a ‘puppet on a string’ for him and he stole your God-given powers to manifest from you.”

It was crazy when I heard a wise old ‘puppeteer’ in his 50s tell me this.

And it’s hard to believe there are people out there trying to control you...

Using you, take advantage of you...

By stealing your manifestations and using them all for themselves.

But it made sense.

I felt ‘drained’ and my soul was empty from trying to make others happy.

I had let go of myself.

And no matter how hard I tried to do better in life, to work for more and to fight for what mattered...

I would always see the people around me get ahead.

 It was as though I was manifesting for them.

When I gave and gave and gave until I had nothing left in my emotional tank and was betrayed by the person I loved…

It would lead me to the shocking discovery of how others were secretly stealing my manifestations…

And the biggest breakthrough where I learned to ‘cut’ the strings they had on me and reclaim my God-given abilities to manifest for myself.

I ended the ‘fight’ for others and started fighting for myself.

Hi, my name is Chloe Adler. 

I was used by the people I cared about most. They took advantage of my sweet kind heart...

Knowing that I would work longer hours, stay up late and push myself to give…

Even if that meant that I didn’t have any time for myself.

At age 28, I was the ‘mother’ of my boyfriend because he was ‘figuring’ it out in his career

I paid most of the rent, the groceries, and the utility bills too.

But my bank account was close to zero most months, and I’d even gone into debt a few times when he told me that he wanted expensive gifts for his birthday.

I’d smile, tell him that everything was going to be alright…

And bought what he wanted.

Even if that meant I had to eat cheap Chinese takeout all the time, just to scrape together enough money to afford his gifts.

 I truly loved him, and little did I know that he simply saw me as his ‘money machine’.

I’d wanted him to succeed, and he told me that he always had big dreams for himself.
I wanted to be there for him, to support him. 

He had this horrible temper and called me names; and he often went out for drinks with his friends.

 When he came back home, reeking of alcohol, telling me that it was all for business...

I chose to ignore the red flags with my rose-tinted glasses and thought that I could be the one to fix him. 

And when I wanted to talk to him about his issues, he would stonewall me.

It even went so far as for him to tell me that I was the problem.

And I believed him.

So I worked harder at my job to try and  get that promotion. 

60-hour work weeks, tight deadlines, getting torn apart by my manager, whatever it took to support both of us.

I’d graduated from college, and I was still clearing up my student loans.

 But thankfully, I was able to land an ‘okay’ job that was just enough to make ends meet. 

All I wanted was a normal, happy life!

I haven’t told anyone about this, but I was abused when I was younger.

When I was 15…

I had been ‘forced’ to do things that I didn’t want to.

My parents divorced when I was 7, and I shifted from home to home.

While they were ‘figuring it out,' fighting and screaming at home, I got mixed up in bad company...

Wandering from place to place, searching for somewhere to call home.

Dealers, alcoholics, and shady people; at the time, silly me thought they were strong, and they went after what they wanted out of life.

Never mind that they were involved in questionable business, at least they would be able to protect me.

And that was what my first taste of ‘love’ was like.

My first ex was a dealer…

And we got pulled over by the cops. He told me to put his goods in between my clothes...

And I did, but the cops eventually found out and I was arrested at 16 for this.

On that cold cement floor of the prison cell, I thought to myself…

“This is a completely new low for me, and I never want to be here again.”

I swore to myself that I would make the most of my life and turn things around.

 I studied hard in school and scored well enough just to scrape into my local university… 

And I took on over $100k of student loans just to afford it all.

And this was when I met Blake, who used me like his personal ATM.

I wish I knew better.

When I first met Blake, I saw someone who was heartbroken at the time.

He had gone through a painful breakup with his ex after she’d cheated on him.

We met while we were in class, and ever since then, we’d been living together.
It was perfect at the start…

But once he moved in, I started to see his true colors come out. 

I felt sick from working 60 hours a week and I ended early on a Friday in the afternoon…

Only to come back home an OnlyFans-looking girl on top of him, riding the man that I had sacrificed my life savings and wellbeing for.

 It was his ex, Rebecca, that cheated on him 3 years ago...

Sleeping with him in the small apartment that I had paid for, with my money… on my bed.

He had let this ‘old flame’ back into my room, where the both of us had been sleeping together. 

And I wondered how many times he was doing this before I finally caught them.

It was as though this ‘home’ that I had slaved away for was a ‘hotel’ for him to use to sleep around behind my back!

“Get out of my house! Both of you!”

I shoved Rebecca out of my room...

Clawed Blake's clothes from the wardrobe...

Pulled out his sockets and chargers, and dumped them outside the front door.

I was this close to pouring gasoline on his items and watching them burn in front of me.

“I’m so sorry, babe. It’s not what it looks like, please give me a chance.” he tried to say as I shoved him out of my apartment.

"Don’t ever come back. We’re done"

I felt like I was back to square one, on that cold, prison cell floor, with no one to help me.

I wanted to run away from the pain, and I headed to the local bar where those ‘shady guys’ used to hang out.

I felt stuck in my past.

And I wanted answers, to find out why this was happening to me AND ONLY me.

And I wanted to wash that disgusting thought of another woman sleeping with him on my bed. 

I was drained, exhausted and out of options.

I would’ve ended things for myself that night if it wasn’t for the show that was playing at the bar.

I ordered a bottle of gin and tonic for myself and enjoyed the show.

It was a strange sight, seeing this 50-year-old gentleman performing a puppet show at the bar.

“How’d he even get in?” I thought to myself.

But I was too tired to even think about it.

I watched the show…

Mesmerized by the way those dolls danced to the movement of his fingers…

Almost ‘coming alive’ and reflecting the emotions that he had felt.

It was this ‘weird’ experience, where I thought that they were almost human, even when they had lifeless images on their painted doll faces. 

It was a stand-up comedy, where the puppets told the most ridiculous jokes and came to life with his voice.

They were like a soulless ‘animatronic’ that came to life because of him.

The guests at the bar burst out laughing— but my mind was still stuck in and haunted by the past.

After the show, and too many drinks…

I was left a crying, sobbing mess in the bar.

Mascara was running down the side of my cheeks...

And I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it home.

That’s when the puppeteer came to my side and said…

“Have some water.”

He’d waved to the waiter to get warm water.

After drinking a few glasses of water, I began to sober up.

And that’s when he asked me…

How bad did he hurt you?

“How did he know? What in the world is going on,” I thought to myself.

We began to talk and I found out that his name was Jacob.

He told me that he used to be a therapist and spiritual coach in his thirties, and he even ran his own clinic.

He's retired and did stand-up in his free time.

He explained that it was a dead giveaway that I was going through a breakup,

Simply because I looked just like one of his past clients who came in seeking help. 

I could tell from the glint in his eyes that there was something different about him.

He knew.

I poured my heart out to him, hoping that he would understand.

I told him everything.

My childhood, the pain of never having a home to come back to, and the breakup that happened after all those years of trying hard for Blake.

And as I spoke, I could see him ‘connecting’ the dots in his eyes.

He actually understood where I was in life, right there and then.

So, he looked at me with these soft, understanding eyes…

And asked me, 

Do you remember the show?

I said, “Yes.”

“Aren’t you tired of being a puppet?

You were made to dance like a ‘puppet on a string’ for him and he stole your God-given powers to manifest from you.

That’s when it clicked.

“Wasn’t that me? Wasn’t I like that doll others played on?”

And he told me…

“Yes, that's true.”

“You want to know the worst part?
With those ‘strings’ he had on you, controlling you, pushing you to do things for him…

He blinded you to the fact that he was leeching off you like an energy vampire… 

Using the love and compassion that you had… 

To take and take and take– and never give anything in return.  

And it’s the same with your boss as well.

I had a manager who would work me 55 hours a week.

He never gave me any credit for the work I put in and I was basically his ‘slave’ at work.

He presented my ideas under his name. 

My manager knew how badly I needed the money...

And he played me like a puppet on a string, to get me to do his work...

Make him fat commissions at his job and a six-figure salary...

Look good in front of all the other employees, even getting a ‘pat on the back’ by the CEO.

All the while, I was the one slaving away behind the scenes.”

Jacob the puppeteer told me again, 

“Those strings attached to you, are like IV tubes stuck inside you, sucking the life out of your soul…

Making you feel miserable every day.

You need to take them out NOW.

You see, Chloe, your power to manifest comes from your soul’s ability to wander, to grow, and bring opportunity and abundance for you. 

That’s why when you hear of manifestation stories, it almost seems effortless.

It’s because your soul is doing the work for you.

And you simply enjoy the fruits of its labor. 

Whether it’s money, a new job, an abundant relationship…

Your soul has the power to bring this to you.

Those ‘strings’ they had on you…

Tied you down, blinded you from the truth and stopped your soul from reaching out to manifest the things you desire. 

When your soul is full of love and is flying high in the sky…

It will bring you abundance, love and freedom.

That’s because your soul is the ‘driving force’ behind the world around you.

This soul knows more; it knows you for you.

It is the deepest, truest part of your authentic self.

And when it’s hurting, when it’s deprived of love and being ‘squeezed’ for its good heart…

It’s like a little guardian angel that’s had its wings cut off.

It no longer can change the world around you.

You need to cut off these puppet strings others have hooked deep inside you…

Abusing the compassion that you have…

Taking advantage of your kind heart…
And making your ‘soul’ their slave to get what they want…

 While you’re squeezed dry of the life that you truly desire. 

And when you’re tied down with these ‘puppet strings’, Your soul can’t travel into alternate dimensions!

Remember how scientists and quantum physicists talk about parallel universes?

Dr. Michio Kaku has actually discovered proof that these alternate realities do exist.

This is the ‘realm’ of the soul.

Your soul can travel through multiple dimensions and bring your body into a completely new life.

And it knows how to navigate and experience the alternate universe for you.

But right now, your soul can't bring you there because it’s had its wings clipped by the people in your life… 

Who are tying you down with these ‘strings,’ stopping your soul from showing you the other lives that you could be living in the alternatives space.

And that's why you feel that your life will never change…

 Simply because you can’t see the different lives that you could be living!

Let me show you what I mean.
Think of your soul like an airplane...
And let me ask you another question.

Have you ever taken a flight, Chloe?

When you’re in an airplane and you look down...

You see all the types of cities that you could travel to.

The different jungles, the different cultures, the buildings…

All the beauty, the land, the ocean, the tall mountains…

How there’s infinite variety to the world.

It’s the same with the universe.

You realize that life is much bigger than what you’re used to when you’ve stayed in one town for your whole life, after you take that flight.

When you’re stuck with these puppet strings, your soul has no chance to take flight and explore the different lives that you could be living. 

So you feel that life has been a miserable struggle, and that it’s destined to fail no matter how hard you try. 

You haven’t seen the different lives that you could be living in the alternatives space... 

And the different timeline where life is simply easier. 

Simply put, your soul is one ‘airplane trip’ away…

From bringing you into a whole new world, that you’ve always dreamed of. 

All you need to do is to set your soul free from these ‘puppet strings’...

And once your soul is free, you can perform what I call the ‘reality jump’.

You end the current chapter in your life and begin brand new from a fresh start.

You let your soul bring you into the new life that you’ve always wanted for yourself.

“Do you understand?” he asked.

I was dying to know how to ‘cut’ these puppet strings off me.

And I asked Jacob to help me. 

He reached into his pocket and took out an old cassette tape that was passed down to him by his mentor when he first started out as a spiritual coach.

It was one of those precious, rare artifacts.

You had to wind it in order for it to be played, and you had to stick it into one of those cassette tape players that’s no longer in production.

He told me that he had listened to it...

When he was just starting out his practice and struggling to become the person that he was today: free, retired, and financially abundant, helping people from all around the world. 

Then he told me…

“The 7-words command in this audio, will ‘cut off’ the puppet strings that have been tying you down all your life. Your soul will finally be free to roam in the alternatives space.”

I said thank you, and as I stumbled out of the seat to go home to listen to it, he offered to send me back.

I thought he was going to flag a taxi for me…

Until I saw him pull out his car keys and unlock the bright red Ferrari that was outside the bar.

That’s when I knew that he was the real deal and that this tape was going to work. 

I found an old antique cassette player in my room, wound up the tape, and pressed play.

The 7 words command began filling up my mind.

It helped to calm me down, washing away some of the pain from the betrayal.

As I my body relaxed for the first time in years of slogging away, with that tension melting off my shoulders...

I began to see how my ex, Blake, had pushed me to do things I didn’t want.

I began to see how my manager took advantage of me.

As the 7-words command kept ringing over and over in my mind...

I could feel the puppet strings being cut off.

I began to feel my soul wander into the alternatives space.

It started to show me signs– that there was so much that I could achieve in this life.

And as I was listening to the cassette tape that Jacob had given me…

I entered the alternatives space.

And I saw other ‘Chloes’ who looked just like me, living the life of my dreams!

They talked just like me, they walked just like me, but everything seemed to be going well for them.

I wanted to reach out to one of these ‘Chloes’ and ask them how I could live their life, and live in their life.

And that’s when my other ‘selves’ all turned to me and said,

“I’m you, my love. Would you like to live my life instead?”

The oldest looking ‘me’ in this strange out-of-body world…

Came down by my side and held my hand tenderly.

She pointed at what my life could be like…

And showed me visions of how…

I could find someone who would finally treat me right, 

How I could finally be financially free…

And how the life of abundance and love was destined for me. 

The audio track had set my soul free! And now it was bringing me the things that I’d always wanted in my life.

With this newfound peace, knowing that everything was going to go my way…

I had the best sleep I’d had in the many years of overworking myself. 

When I woke up,
I got a text from Micheal,
the CEO of the company that I worked at. 

“Hey Chloe, I heard that you’ve been overworked recently and that Brett has been taking all the credit.

I went to do some digging and I found that you were actually responsible for most of his results. I’ve fired Brett, and I heard about how he was overworking you.

I’m sorry I missed that before. 

You’ll also take over Brett’s role together with his full six-figure salary.

I genuinely hope to see you back in the office.


My old colleagues were now reporting to me, and this time I was going to lead the team right.

I set the agenda and made a new plan to crush our company's quarterly goals. 

I did a good job, and even got a pat on the back from Micheal because of what I could bring to the table.

I left the office at 6pm, felt a cool breeze flood the city…

And congratulated myself for the six-figure promotion that I’d just earned.

It was time to reward myself.

I was free. This was now my new life.

I went to Starbucks near the office to get a nice green tea frappe.

They called out, "Chloe,” and just as I was about to get my order…

Some idiot spilled a freezing cold vanilla frappe on my blouse. What had been a pristine, white top was now soaked in brown.

As I locked eyes with this ‘idiot’, I swear everything around me slowed down, and I knew he was the one.

I had never seen a more good-looking guy in my life.

He was tall, dark and handsome.

It was only a second before he started apologizing profusely to me.

He took his paper napkin and tried to clean up my stained brown shirt. Blushing, he said:

“Hi, I’m so sorry for ruining your shirt. It did look really good on you, though. My name is Andrew.”

And now I’m embarrassed at this Starbucks, blushing too, lost for words.

Then he said...

“Can I get you a latte to make up for it? It’s on me.”

He had this gorgeous, gentle and caring smile.

He was cute. So, I said yes.

We instantly ‘connected’ over that latte.
“So, this is love at first sight.” I thought to myself.

He’d recently had his best month in business, and he told me about how he was a ‘consultant’, using his skills to help businesses generate profits.

A few dates later, I got together with the love of my life. We were official now.

This was the most powerful,
exciting relationship I had ever been in. 

We were ‘crazy’ for each other.

We had this fiery, explosive love for life.

Nothing could stand in our way.

We were the power couple, and we would go on to live the life of our dreams,

Safe to say, I no longer lived in that tiny apartment with a desk that I could barely fit my laptop on.

Instead, I now lived in a chic, industrial loft apartment with the love of my life.

Also, I wasn’t taking public transport anymore.

This time, I was rolling to work, or whatever cafe I felt like working at, in my brand new A-Class Mercedes that I paid for in cash with the money I had made from my promotion.

I loved the slick interior of my new car. It felt just right. 

In just five months, Andrew and I had the money to travel all around the world.

We booked a world tour and planned to end it with a 14-day ‘getaway’ to the Maldives.

We traveled to London, Dubai…

Trekked through the jungles...

And even climbed a few mountains together.

At the end of our trip, we arrived at the Maldives.

When our plane touched down, I was lost for words.

It was the most beautiful place on earth — the warm summer breeze, the crystal-clear blue waters, the palm trees swaying in the wind — I couldn’t help but soak it all in.

We even stayed in a quaint little resort built on stilts that had an open view, straight into the ocean.

We were both able to work remotely, and I was making more than I could ever dream of.

It was 10 times my monthly salary when I had just started — just as I saw in my timelines with one of the other ‘Chloes’.

That night, with Andrew by my side in paradise, I fell asleep knowing that this was the timeline that I chose for myself. 

And as I fell asleep that night, I felt my soul had a desire to share this with the rest of the world.

I knew that there was someone out there, just like you…

Who had their manifestations stolen from them, by energy vampires…

And I wanted to set you free, so that you never had to go through what I did growing up. 

I knew that if I could get this in the right hands, to the people who needed it most…

They would be able to venture into the alternatives space…

And let their souls do all the manifestation for them!

As soon as I landed back in the states, I rushed back to the bar where I met Jacob.

I was dying to tell him how the cassette tape had changed my life.

He was by the table, sipping on a glass of whiskey.

I came up to him and begged him to let me share this tape with the rest of the world.

To my surprise, he said, “Okay.”

On one condition: that I would get it out as fast as possible.

He didn’t have much time left here.

This was when he told me about his death sentence.

Jacob had been diagnosed with stage IV leukemia and had just a few months left to live.

Even then, he had a warm smile on his face– and enjoyed every last moment.

He knew I was going to be the last one to learn this lesson directly from him, and told me that I was his last student. 

Jacob had done his time helping his patients and wanted to pass on the baton to me...

He told me this was his gift to me, and the world.

He had lived a full, abundant, and meaningful life.

And now that it was coming to an end, he wanted to find someone worthy of sharing this knowledge with.

None of his old clients had come back to thank him, they just got on with their lives. 

But because I had stayed and asked to share the knowledge, he knew it was right for me.

For the next 5 months he had to live, I would spend every Saturday with him to get to the truth of the reality jump.

Every week I came back, I could see him getting weaker.

He started walking with a cane, he had his wife help him out of his car…

His face started to grow pale…

But that light inside him could never be extinguished.

And in those months, he shared all the years of experience he had… 

Turning the lives around of everyone he knew…

And shared with me exactly how he’d used the reality jump in his life.

“I didn’t share it, because it was what made my clinic special.

But, well, now that there’s nothing left for me, I’m going to give it all to you.”

I wiped the tears from my eyes and I SWORE to create a program that would be transformational and life changing. 

I took the money I’d manifested, hired the best sound technicians and poured my heart into taking down his insights.

I remastered the old cassette tape

Distilled all the knowledge that he had from working with people who were emotionally struggling in their lives…

And spent over a hundred hours at my desk turning those notes I had from the sessions with him…

Into a guide for living the good life and setting yourself free. 

 I scrutinized every line and made sure that Jacob would be proud.

As I finished with the outline, I called him to ask…

“What should we call it, Jacob?”

And that’s when he told me he wanted it to be called, The Reality Code.

We kept it and I worked on the final chapters of the guide.

I couldn’t wait to show it to him when I was finished- I was just weeks away from putting all his insights together, adding the final touches.

The day before I finished the book…

I received a call from his wife;
she told me that he had passed. 

It was too late to show him.

But it wasn’t too late to get The Reality Code out to the world and transform the lives of those who used it.

And that’s why The Reality Code means so much to me; I wanted to continue his legacy…

And show him that there was meaning behind our time together. 

Let me introduce you to…

The Reality Code

Regular Price




With The Reality Code program, you’ll be able to…
Cut The Puppet Strings That Others Have Been Using To Steal Your Manifestations.

By using the 7-word command, you’ll be able to release the strings that have been tied to you your whole life.

And you’ll put an end to others stealing your manifestations and blinding you from the life that you truly deserve.

This means that your soul will begin to take flight, and start manifesting for you.

An unshakeable sense of self-assurance and poise will fill your soul, and you’ll always have what it takes to get the job done...

Even if you feel self-doubt, worry and anxiety.

And even if you feel that you’re stuck in a desperate situation that you simply can’t get out of.

With The Reality Code, there’s a way out. 

And it begins with the 7-word command.

Your soul will manifest a life that helps you pay all your bills, on time, where money is never a problem for you.

Remember how I was close to being evicted from my apartment? 

The Reality Code will allow your soul to take care of you.

He’s like your guardian angel, and he’ll make sure that every month, you’ll be able to pay your bills on time, clear your debt, and feel abundant with your finances.

It will be written in your stars, and fate will smile at you, providing you with all the shelter and protection that you need...

Your soul will seek out strong, growth-oriented relationships.

You’ll easily find yourself being loved by a close circle of friends and family that accept your insecurities...

And understand everything that you’ve been through.

You’ll also have ‘coincidental’ experiences where you meet ‘new teammates’ who support you to reach your goals...

Unexpected occurrences — like how Andrew had entered my life...

How Micheal allowed me to take over my manager’s role, and how I almost tripled my income in just 10 days.

You’ll find yourself in a community that takes care of you...

Providing you with a shoulder to cry on when you need it, being surrounded by people who will become your greatest cheerleaders when you succeed.

No one in your new social circle will try to ‘leech’ off you and take advantage of your goodwill and kind heart.

Now that your soul is free to roam and wander… The love of your life is going to see you for who you are. 

With one reality jump...

You’ll see visions of your soulmate coming towards you.

Someone you can trust with your life, filling you up with love, intimacy, and a deep connection.

You might think that finding a love like this is impossible, and it was when your soul was still chained by those strings. 

But once you’ve cut the strings…

Your soul will find it’s eternal partner and connect with them deeply on an energetic level.

With just one reality jump...

It will feel like the stars have aligned just for you.

Your soulmate will find you — whether it’s in a cute café or a chance occurrence.

This partner will help you to feel that sense of connection and love that you’ve always desired in your life.

That deep longing and desire will finally be fulfilled once you make the reality jump into your new timeline.

And if money has always been an issue for you…

Your Soul Will Help You Find Your ‘Destiny of Prosperity’.

It’s normal to feel that you haven’t found the ‘career’ of your life.

The world around you has been tying down your abilities… 

Hiding the talents that lie within you, stopping you from shining bright and achieving your full potential in life. 

So you feel that you’re dragging yourself to a deadbeat 9-5 job with no prospects for growth…

That barely pays you enough to get past the month...

Leaving your savings and credit card debt skyrocketing.

It’s simply because you haven’t used the God-given talents you’ve been blessed with. 

Once you’re in touch with your soul’s destiny of prosperity…

You’ll realize that you’re exceptionally brilliant at certain tasks and that you have the edge over others.

You’ll be able to see your natural God-given abilities, and your co-workers, clients and bosses will start to see it too.

Your newfound skills will begin to shine so brightly that you’ll become someone people go to for advice.

You’ll feel able to lead others because of your exceptional talents, even if you think you don’t have any.

You see, we’ve tested The Reality Code with over 273 people...

And every single one of them has found their calling, their true ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’.

They were able to use this insight to land themselves in a career that they’ve always dreamed of and desired. 


You'll discover a timeline where you can live authentically, with your true identity and your life’s inner calling.

With this newfound purpose and calling, you’ll be able to make an impact on the world.

You’ll have the power, people skills, and ability to move causes that are worth fighting for.

You’ll become one of the ‘shapers’ and leaders in your life.

You’ll influence to leave a legacy and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

And lastly, you’ll...

Your soul will show you the path

and you’ll get clairvoyance and see

‘the ending’ of each new life you choose.

With your soul wandering into the alternatives space, you’ll get to see the different lives that you could be living.

You’ll be able to see the ‘start’ and ‘end’ points of the chapters in your life...

And get glimpses into the future where you know exactly how things will turn out.

It will feel like you have psychic-like abilities, because you’ll be able to see the flows of life.

The ‘beginnings’ and ‘endings’ of the massive changes that you’re about to experience. 

This will give you the power to choose the life that was meant for you, and your soul.

You’ll be able to anticipate obstacles and see opportunities way before the rest on your peers, and gain wisdom of the path that lies ahead of you.

I saw how the path I was currently on was going to lead to self-destruction…

And how one reality jump would bridge me into a new life where I already had everything I wanted.

You can see this change in your life too.

Here’s What Our Users Have To Say About The Reality Code:

“Best Book Ever If You Want To Change Your Life For The Better!”

This is simply the most amazing book, well the content is!

Easy to read and follow, truly helps you practically make your own life better. Simple and clear, and the more you read it the deeper you go.

I have it on a continual read loop, and each time the insights grow.

Completely resonates with me, so I'm benefiting hugely from reading it. If you called toward it go for it.

Heidi Brooks  //  North Carolina

“Get This Book Now”

Phenomenal book, if you’re on the fence just purchase it - this book will show you the other sure of the matrix and allow you to finally get the life you desire by realizing you’ve been the one in control all this time.

I make over 4x more income since I read this book last year and attain 99% of that to the mindset shift after I read this book.

This is totally mind-blowing just because is full of goodness!

Gerardo Montgomery  //  Montana

“Saved 5 years of manifestation efforts!”

I’ve been into personal development for the past 5 years and I’ve gotten some results, but nothing like this.

Really interesting book on how to manifest the realities our hearts desire.

The book explains in detail how your mental energy attunes itself to either desirable or undesirable outcomes within an infinite field of alternatives.

If you’re skeptical and still considering getting The Reality Code, DO NOT HESITATE.

Kerry Schwartz  //  Delaware

“I didn’t even have to try”

With the 7-word command, it was as if I was living a new life with everything that I had.

Everything good was happening to me automatically in my life.

It’s as if The Reality Code is running in the background, and I can sit back and enjoy the new life that I’ve jumped into.

Although it took me 2 weeks to fully shift into this new timeline that I’m living in now…

I can’t say enough good things about The Reality Code program! 

Todd Simon  //  New York

“A Giant Leap Forward”

This is even better than the law of attraction.

It’s bigger, stronger, and simpler than what other gurus are preaching.

Just one night with The Reality Code program gave me an enlightening experience.

I finally understood what was wrong with my life, and everything started falling into place. I didn’t have to fight, or even put in any effort to get what I wanted in my life. I could start moving things around with my mind,

Now I’ve finally found peace in all my relationships. I don’t have to worry about anyone leaving me or treating me poorly again.

Thanks Reality Code Team!

Jeanette Lawson  //  Pennsylvania

I took Jacob’s insights from therapy… and created an in-depth ‘map’ of the entire Reality Code Universe.

The first time I made my reality jump, I was confused at why my life was changing so fast.

This guide will help show you the changes that will happen and hold your hand throughout this whirlwind that you’re about to experience.

You’ll understand the inner workings of this program.
This can only be done by diving deep into The Reality Code Universe.

I’ve designed The Reality Code program, to quickly immerse you into the world of ‘reality jumping’.

The 7-word command will be programmed effortlessly into every waking moment of your life… 

Whenever you’re feeling insecure, or uncertain…

You’ll be able to ‘cut the strings’, and let your soul do the work for you. 

Allowing you to forget about manifestation and fully immerse yourself in the new life that you’ve entered. 

Imagine how powerful, and potent you would be the moment you programmed your mind to ‘cut the strings’ and let your soul wander and manifest for you!

Here’s everything you’ll get when you order The Reality Code today!!


The Reality Code 7-Word Command Audio Triggers  
($127 VALUE)

By finding a quiet corner in your room and tuning in to the audio triggers…

You’ll gain access to a higher ‘meditative mind’ that most people require 10 days of silent meditation to achieve.

Your soul will be free to travel into the alternatives space…

And when you’re ready…

You simply repeat the 7-word command in your head, or out loud, as the audio track prompts you to do…

And you’ll immediately be sent into your new timeline, swapping places with that new self that’s living with everything you want out of life. 


The Reality Code Guidebook
($197 VALUE)

I’ve created this guide to hold your hand and show you what’s possible with The Reality Code.

I know that cutting the strings off and letting your soul wander is a genuinely scary and crazy experience.

This guide will show you the changes you’ll experience in your life… 

And how you can prepare for them so you’re not freaked out by the massive changes that are about to hit you.

This Guidebook shows you the ‘Map’ of The Reality Code.

Which is supported by years of research.

Each chapter has 7 strategies you can use to accelerate your reality jump…

All of which will help you make that transition into a new life, as simple, easy and effortless as possible.

There is no need to fight. You simply let your soul wander and bring you manifestations.


The Reality Code’s ‘Soul Exploration’ Digital Journal (Worth $27)

This journal will help you use reality jumps every single day.

Every time you face an obstacle, you’ll be reminded to choose the easy path, and simply jump into a new reality effortlessly. 

You can use this with the goals you have and the visions you want your soul to bring into your life.

There are daily reminders in the book, which remind you to use The Reality Code whenever you need it.

This means that a reality jump is always within your reach, and you’re always on the path to success no matter what stands in your way.

It’s in PDF form, so you can print it out and use it instantly.

It’s also available in a digital version, so you can take your notes digitally and keep track of your reality jumps on the go, with just your phone or laptop.


The Reality Code Ritual: Preparing Your Mind For The First Reality Jump. ( Worth $67 )

This module will show you exactly how you can prime your mind before making your first reality jump.

The most important aspect of making your reality jump work…

Is the 5-10 minutes before you use the 7-word command.

This helps to ‘loosen the grip’ of the puppet strings that have been tied on you…

Weakening their hold on you…

And by the time you’re using the 7-word command to change your life...

The strings will simply melt away, and your soul can take flight. 

This means that the 7-word command will be strengthened and you’ll effortlessly jump into your new reality.


The Reality Code Mystical Art: Stay Inspired To Make Reality Jumps Every Day ($97 Value)

These posters will remind you of what’s possible with The Reality Code.

Each of these posters have been designed by mystical artists that will visually inspire you to live your best life.

Each poster will have a powerful reality code phrase that will keep you anchored, grounded...

And free from the strings that other people try to tie you down with.

Receive Your Full Reality Code Program & The Additional Bonuses For Only $37 Today!

Regular Price




Before you make your order, I’d like to bring something up.
It has to do with buying this program... 

Which can feel like you’re making a big jump.

Especially if you’ve got rental payments, late bills, and that there’s not enough to go around...

And it feels like life is spiraling out of control.

Until I felt that I was going to ‘break bad’...

Honestly, there were many times I wanted to give up on myself, stop having hope and end the pain. 

But I’m confident that The Reality Code will do everything we promise and more.

It’s going to help you make the jump into a new timeline where everything you desire already exists.

It’s there waiting for you to take it.

Your soulmate and twin flame, your dream career, a life filled with purpose and fulfillment.

And that’s why I’ve decided with Lily to give you a full 100% no questions asked, money-back guarantee, for a full 60 days.

Here’s Our Reality Bending — 60 Day Guarantee.

It only took me 8 hours to see my first Reality Jump.

In the next 48 hours of taking the leap of faith with The Reality Code...

I guarantee that your reality will start to ‘bend’ in ways that you never expect. 

You’ll see things start to shift in your life.

Whether it’s an opportunity that presents itself, or you find that things just begin to go your way.

It’ll feel like you’re the master of your life, you’ll feel certain that good things are coming your way, and that you’re slipping into a new timeline that you want.

It may not be as dramatic as getting Brett fired, and taking over his position as a manager…

But you’ll be guaranteed to see Reality bend in front of your eyes.

You’ll notice the change internally, and you’ll find the fire kindle inside you to claim what you deserve in your life, as well as the unshakeable certainty and belief that you’re going to get it.

 If you find that in the next 48 hours, you haven’t been able to make your first Reality Jump...

I don’t want to take your program fees. I’ll personally refund it all back to you.

No questions asked. 

So are you ready to make your FIRST Reality Jump?

The Reality Code Timeline Exploration Guidebook


The 7-Word Reality Code Audio Command


The Reality Code Ritual: Preparing Your Mind For The First Reality Jump


The Reality Code Digital Journal


The Reality Code Mystical Art


Total Value


Regular Price




Don’t let Jacob’s time with us go to waste.

He took the chance to share everything with you today…

Gave away all his secrets…

Spent his last hours thinking about how to improve The Reality Code…

And gave it as his final gift to the world. 

He dedicated those final hours to give you this life-changing program.

A program that will set you free from all the pain you’ve experienced…

And wash away those tears you’ve cried...

Bringing you the life you truly wanted and desired for yourself…

So that others can stop leeching off your manifestations… 

And you can tune into your own God-given abilities to manifest and live the life that you truly deserve for yourself.

So, choose to treasure this moment, and order The Reality Code program now. 

Click On The Button Below And Get The Reality Code For Just $37 Today!

The Reality Code Timeline Exploration Guidebook


The 7-Word Reality Code Audio Command


The Reality Code Ritual: Preparing Your Mind For The First Reality Jump


The Reality Code Digital Journal


The Reality Code Mystical Art


Total Value


Regular Price




Frequently Asked Questions

What if I feel manifestation isn’t my thing? I mean, I’ve tried other manifestation programs, but they all failed. So how do I know that The Reality Code works?

Other manifestation programs don’t work because they take too long. In other words, they try to give you long-winded solutions that stop you from manifesting your dreams.

The worst part? Most of them don’t address the root cause of the scarcity in your life — which are the strings others have been tying onto you.

So, they leave you stuck in a life that’s full of bad luck, negative energy, and fear.

No doubt, it’s tough to win in these circumstances.

But The Reality Code can help you escape your current timeline and move into a more abundant one.

You see, The Reality Code is the only manifestation program that helps you realise you’ve been manifesting for others and reclaim your God-given abilities to create in your life.

Unlike every other program that forces you to ‘work’ within the rules and negativity of your old life, with The Reality Code, you’ll finally be able to manifest everything you could ever dream of, for once in your life.

How can I ensure that my personal information, like my credit card details, is secure?

We understand that the security of your personal information and payment details is of utmost priority to you. So, we protect your personal information with military-grade cryptography, known as the SSL. This means that your data is protected by one of the most secure web-based infrastructures. So, there’s no need to worry as your information is 100% safe with us.

How does the 60-Day Money Back Guarantee work?

You can try the entire reality code program for 60 days, risk-free! Yes, you get to use The Reality Code Program and all the bonuses that come with it!

On top of that, within 24 hours of saying “YES” to The Reality Code, I guarantee you’ll receive an unmistakable sign that you’ve changed your timeline and entered a new world.

However, if after consuming everything for 60 days, you feel that this isn't the best program you’ve ever used, I'll send you all your money back.

That's right. You don't even have to send anything back to us. All you need to do is email our support team with your receipt with the title "Bend My Reality," and I'll give you back your money with no questions asked.

That sound fair to you?

Will A ‘Reality Jump’ impact every area of my life?

Yes, it will!

None of us want to live in a ‘horror movie’ where we’re always looking over our shoulders, worrying about rent, and thinking about the relationships in our lives falling apart.

Thankfully, by making a ‘reality jump,’ you switch channels, and your life becomes a movie with a happy ending.

This time, everything goes according to plan, life flows smoothly, and your relationships and wealth blossom abundantly everywhere you look.

 All you need to do is to make your first reality jump.

How do I access the instant digital download files?

Once you’ve successfully made your payment, keep a lookout in the inbox of the email address you’ve entered in the order form. You should get an email from us.

You may need to check your promotions or spam folder to find the email containing your receipt. The email sender will be from Clickbank, so you can search ‘Clickbank’ or ‘CLKBANK’ to make sure you locate it.

Once you find your receipt, open the email, and you should see a green download button with your download links inside. Click on it, and it will bring you to the respective download page where you can download The Reality Code Files.

If you have issues, you can contact Clickbank support team via: to get some help.

Will there be physical copies shipped to us?

I regret to say that there will be no physical copies shipped as shipping times are unpredictable due to the pandemic. As a result, your shipment may take too long to get to you.

So, for now, we offer only digital copies as they are much faster, require no waiting time, and you can choose to print them out as hard copies to use at your convenience.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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