Everything you know about manifestation, opening your third eye, and the 7 chakras is completely wrong and dangerous.

Hi! I’m Lily, a leading spiritual expert that specializes in ‘paranormal’ activity.

I’ve studied Carl Jung, Eastern Mysticism, Energy Therapy, and Healing sound waves. No doubt, these spiritual insights can help you to manifest your goals faster.

But, there are some that you must stay away from.

A few spiritual practices are downright dangerous and can ‘resurrect demons and curses into your life. 

Sadly, they’re cloaked as ‘manifestation hacks.’ 

My research has led me to discover some of the most groundbreaking studies on what works to manifest your goals almost instantly.

All this without having to meditate for hours or wait for divine signs.

You can achieve this with a shortcode you’re about to discover. You’ll be able to manifest faster than you’ve ever dreamed of your whole life!

But, before you try to manifest anything on your own, no one talks about the ‘dark side of manifestation.’

I urgently need to tell you this before it gets taken down.

Because I’ll be exposing the truth about these manifestation practices, and many gurus will hate me for this, this video may get taken down soon.

So, please watch this before it gets taken down. 
One particular manifestation practice claims to give you a sense of calm, relaxing peace.

But, they don’t tell you about the many side effects.

Side effects like hallucinations, sudden panic attacks, seeing unexplainable visions and hearing voices in your head are only a few of the aftermath of this manifestation practice.
My friend Chloe was desperate to see a change in her life, and she tried this manifestation hack. But, unfortunately, it almost cost her life!

But, what she found from her life-threatening journey was a secret so powerful that it would shake the ‘spiritual world’ at its very foundation, challenging every spiritual guru, teacher and master out there.

Here’s why. In her ‘darkness,’ she was able to find the true light — the one small ritual that eliminates the need for any other manifestation practice in your life. 

This one simple code that Chloe found was the key to unlocking all the fulfillment, joy and financial abundance in her life that she could ever dream of.

And this is how she was reborn.  

I woke up in a bloody bathtub. The water was a thick crimson red. It smelt terrible as if an animal had been gutted there.

These fat flies were buzzing around trying to feed off this mess in my shower.

It was disgusting.

Shards of a broken glass bottle were strewn all around the room.

So, I quickly checked to see if I had any wounds. I didn’t. My skin was perfectly fine, and I didn’t feel injured at all.

I couldn’t remember a damn thing that night, though.

It was 3 am, and all I knew was that I had to be at my dead-end job by 8 am.

So. I drained the bathtub of the thick red fluid, picked up the glass shards on the floor and at the side of my bathtub, and got ready to meet my

a**hole manager, Brett, for the ‘Big Day’.

Surprisingly enough, today was going to be the moment I ‘broke bad’ and finally became the ‘boss’ of my life — Wealth, Relationships, and Power — it was all mine.

Hi, my name is Chloe Adler. 

I’ve always been the ‘good girl’ that got pushed around.

I loved helping others, and I was always a natural giver.

But, unfortunately, that was why I would always get heartbroken, as I ended up in shitty situations whenever I tried to go ‘above’ and ‘beyond’ for someone. 

Brett, my manager, would make me work 80 hours a week.

As if that wasn’t enough, my loved ones — both family and friends, would always take advantage of me and my ‘nice heart.’ 

After a long day at work,

I would come home to my small rented apartment with my boyfriend, Blake.

It was so cramped that I barely had any space to work.

So I ‘cozied up’ on a tiny desk, just slightly bigger than my laptop,

at the side of the bedroom whenever I had to finish the ridiculous workload my manager piled on me. 

The worst part?

I was in love with this terrible boyfriend who didn’t appreciate me at all.

He would talk endlessly about himself.

He never asked about how my day was.

And when I wanted to talk to him about my bad days at work, he would shout at me and tell me that I wasn’t good enough! or I wasn’t trying hard enough!’.

We would even get into horrible fights over the tiniest things, and by the end of the night,

we would be screaming at each other, throwing items — furniture, bottles, laptops — all over the room.

I was even paying most of the rent money, and he was basically living off me and my dead-end office job! 

My life was a mess.

Talk about a ‘romance’ novel gone wrong. 

Back then, I was still a ‘nice girl.’

So, I settled for him. But I couldn’t leave him no matter what.

Of course, something deep inside me was desperate to know why I was stuck. 

Back then, I was still a ‘nice girl.’

So, I settled for him. But I couldn’t leave him no matter what.

Of course, something deep inside me was desperate to know why I was stuck. 

Valentine's Day with Blake was worse.

No gifts.

No love letters.

No hugs.

He completely forgot about it and watched football loudly on the TV while I was slaving away on my computer,

hunched over on that tiny desk and trying desperately to block out the noise of the TV.

He fell asleep first after the game, and I joined him later that night.

At 1:37 am, I saw Blake’s phone chime with a notification.

It was a message from ‘Rebecca ?

It read:

“You still up? I miss you so much, and I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.”

I wanted to scream but, I bit my tongue.

The man I sacrificed for, gave everything to and put up with was cheating on me.

I could feel my stomach turning. 

I was devastated and felt betrayed. But, I closed my eyes, hoping that it was a bad dream.

I pretended to fall back asleep.

And soon after, my shifting around woke my boyfriend up.

He reached over to get his phone, unlocking it eagerly,

and I could even hear him giggling to himself as he texted this ‘Rebecca?.’

I couldn’t help but peel my eyes ever so slightly open. And I saw him looking at photos of her — this Rebecca? girl was sending dirty pictures to my boyfriend.

And in my bed too!

It felt like a knife piercing deep into my chest.

But, being the ‘nice girl’ that I was, I went back to sleep, hoping that whatever I saw wasn’t the truth.

He still loved me, right?

I woke up the next morning to him saying, “I love you, sweetie,” lying straight through his teeth, thinking that I was the dumb girl that didn’t know any better.

“I love you too,” I said, hiding my disgust.

I dragged myself out of bed. Today was the ‘performance review’ at the place I worked.

Someone was going to get fired. With my luck, I was sure that it was going to be me.

I just felt so pathetic, a useless, ‘good-for-nothing’ waste of space.

My boyfriend didn’t want me, and my manager never gave me any opportunities to shine.

The whole world was working against me.

I entered the performance review meeting and saw my ‘ranking’ on that cruel leaderboard they had on the slides at work.

I was second… from the bottom. Nancy was fired.

I was this close to losing my job.

So, I decided to buck up and do more at work. Later nights, longer hours and a few drinks to cope with the stress.

I was the ‘hardest worker’ in the room for the next 90 days.

I gave up sleep, staying in the office till 10 pm every night, just so that I could manage the impossible workload. 

This was my shot.

Three months later, guess who got promoted. Not me.

It was Elizabeth.

All she knew how to do was to ‘please’ my manager, and that’s how she stole the promotion from me.

Not just that, I was still on the ‘to be fired’ list — second from the bottom again. 

For god’s sake, what did I do wrong?

That day I decided to break and leave the office early instead of staying the night. 

When I reached my apartment door, it was slightly open.

A red pair of stilettos was on the shoe rack, and a strange ‘Victoria’s Secret’ perfume flooded the hallway to my room.

I opened my bedroom door...

only to find Rebecca on top of my boyfriend with her Onlyfans-looking body bending over backward,

stealing what was rightfully mine,

making love to the man to whom I devoted my life.

“Get out of my f***ing house! Both of you!” 

I shoved Rebecca out of my room,

clawed Blake's clothes from the wardrobe,

pulled out his sockets and chargers, and dumped them outside the front door.

I was this close to pouring gasoline on his items and watching them burn in front of me.

“I’m so sorry, babe. It’s not what it looks like, please give me a chance…” he tried to say as I shoved him out of my apartment.

"Don’t ever come back. We’re done"
And this was when I truly saw what being ‘nice’ did to me.

I lay in my empty bed, crying with mascara and eyeliner running down the side of my cheek.

I prayed to god or any higher power that would listen to me to take away the pain.

I called my childhood friend, Lily, out of desperation and poured my heart out to her.

She tried to calm me down and tell me that everything was okay.

As I started to feel slightly better, I remembered watching some videos online about opening ‘the third eye’ and how it allowed you to be more abundant,

attract wealth and manifest fulfilling relationships into your life.

I told Lily that I wanted to open my third eye with some ‘chakra’ practices.

Lily’s jaw dropped. She was a psychologist who had studied spiritual experiences

“I swear to god, don’t try it. I know you’re feeling really vulnerable and shaken right now.

But, whatever you do, DO NOT awaken your kundalini energy. It’s gonna mess you up, really badly.”

“You’re lying, Lily,” I said.

“Isn’t it an ancient Hindu art that’s been proven to work for centuries?

It clears the ‘vibrational’ blocks in your mind, and you just start attracting the things you want in your life. ” 

“That’s far from the truth, Chloe. What happens is that you enter a state of psychosis. You start to ‘see things’ and ‘hear things’ that others don’t, things that are awful, horrid and nightmarish.”

Soon, we got into a small argument, and I hung up on her. 

That night, curiosity got the better of me. 

Ignoring her advice,

I followed instructions that I had found in an online course on how to clear my blockages and open my third eye.

But, these programs didn’t warn me about the horrible and nightmarish visions I would see after awakening my third eye.

I held my breath, followed some obscure and ‘esoteric’ chakra awakening instruction, and pushed ‘life force’ into my ‘energy centers.’

This was the moment that ‘Pandora's Box’ burst open.

If you’ve ever heard about Pandora's box,

it looks ‘tempting’ and full of promise on the outside.

But, once it's opened, nothing can hold its forces back.

Pandora's box releases emotional and physical curses into the world.

All your inner demons, fears and traumas come out to haunt you once you open this box. 

It was like a ‘bad trip’ for me. 

I could feel a fire consuming my entire body, as though a thousand ants were crawling all over my skin.

After only one session of using this ‘deadly chakra’ and kundalini-awakening technique,

my head started to spin.

I felt my soul leaving my body, and I started seeing stars.

That was when I started seeing visions of wretched and disgusting spirits entering my body and taking control of me,

causing my arms to move in ways that I couldn’t imagine.

I wanted to scream, but it felt as though someone had put a wet cloth over my mouth, and I was dead silent.

I saw flashes of myself crying, my parents crying.

My mind was walking on eggshells, and I was on the brink of going insane. 

“Take me back!” I screamed to myself.

I blacked out.

The next morning I woke up feeling out-of-it, spooked and uncomfortable.

I was cursed. 

I began manifesting misfortune in my life! 

I had to go to work, and it was pouring outside, one of the worst thunderstorms that month.

Somehow, I managed to flag down a Taxi. When when I got in, my taxi driver had a weird grin on his face.

“Where to?” he giggled.

I gave him my office address. And that was when I heard this soft and deep whisper over my shoulder.

‘Put your seatbelt on, Chloe. Now, please.’

I was freaked as there was no one else in the car, and the cab driver didn’t know my name.

Still, I listened and clicked my seatbelt on.

The rain was so bad, and I could barely see 5 feet out the window.

This was when my taxi got ‘T-Boned.’ 

A red semi-truck came racing towards my cab at the traffic junction when the lights were green.

There was a horrible screech.

The glass shattered, and the metal door bent into itself.

My neck was cranked to the right, trying to follow my body that was ‘stuck’ on the seatbelt.

All I saw were dim streaks of car lights in my vision.

When it was all over, I crawled out the left side of the taxi and realized how lucky I was.

No one got hurt. But, the entire right side of the cab was ‘crushed’ as if it was sent to be compressed in a scrapyard but had been stopped halfway.

My neck was throbbing with pain. 

I called my manager, Brett, and told him what had happened.

Quite surprisingly, he seemed to be understanding and told me to take as much time as I needed to get some rest.

I walked out of the ER with a neck brace and a shoulder strap, but I was still okay.

Sadly, I didn’t have insurance at the time, so I had to empty my bank account to pay for the medical bills.

On the bright side, I could finally take a break from work.

I had 14 days of medical leave to recover, and I was finally going to rest, relax, and take care of myself, even if I didn’t have all the money in the world.

On the last day of my leave, I checked my mailbox and saw that I had a letter from the company. Curious, I tore it open and took a look inside. 

[Letter of Termination From Brett] 

It read:

Dear Chloe Adler,

- During this time, you will not receive any payments from the company.
- You must also entirely withdraw from your working duties.
- However, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits under certain criteria.
- Please, report to the office on Monday at 8 am to collect your belongings.

We wish you the best of luck.

I was getting fired, and in two days, I had to go back to work to pick up my belongings and go off. 

Was I going to go back to living with my parents, in their basement, in my late 20s, with nothing to my name?

I fell on my bed and started scrolling through my phone. Then, I saw my xx’s photos with that Onlyfans-looking girl Rebecca.

There was a big fat smile on his face, and it was as if he was looking right at me, trying to tell me that he was better than me.

I headed to the 7-11 downstairs and got a cheap bottle of red wine.

I turned on the warm water to fill my bathtub.

Next, I was crying on the floor in the bathroom, with a bottle of red wine in my hands, downing it, gulp after gulp.

I just wanted the humiliation and pain of thinking that I had been a failure my whole life to stop. 

Was I going to spend the rest of the other 60 years of my life living in this vicious cycle of amounting to nothing?

I entered the warm bathtub with that dark red bottle of ‘cheer’ in my hands, and I took a deep breath, held it, and submerged myself underwater.

I felt that choking, suffocating feeling, and then I blacked out completely.

In the darkness, I heard a voice.

The same voice that told me to put on my seatbelt,

which had essentially kept me unscathed during that horrific semi-truck taxi-crushing accident.

I saw a tall, dark figure approach me. His eyes were bloodshot, and I couldn’t make out anything else in his body.

He reached out his hand and introduced himself to me. I shook it, and he said

“Hi, I’m Lucy. Don’t mind me.

“...have you had enough of being a ‘good girl,’ Chloe?”

I had. I was at my breaking point, and I was going to do anything to change it.

“I’ve had enough. Please just give me the answer.”

“You’re suffering now, Chloe. Do you want to end the pain in this timeline?”

“Yes, please tell me what I need to do.”

In a few moments, he would give me the ‘command’ to control my fate.

This command would give me all the love, respect, wealth and material possessions I could ever dream of.

After using his command, I could ‘jump’ into a new world where I was the master of my fate. 

“Have you heard of tragic timelines?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“The reason why you’re suffering now, a timeline that’s full of pain, fear and anxiety.

This is completely out of your control, and sometimes, life will deal you bad cards.

That’s why it’s as if fate is working against you because it is!

You’re destined to fail, suffer and be miserable if you continue down this timeline. 

In this world, your manager, Brett, is the ‘winner,’ and you’re the loser.

Because you’re stuck in his universe, he’s created a world where you work, and he gets paid.

And the same thing has happened with your ex.

But what if you could create a world that served you?

And live in a luxurious, relaxed and satisfying timeline? A timeline where no one was feeding off of you or taking advantage of your good intentions. 

In fact, there are millions of timelines that you can jump into.

Do you know there are always moments where someone goes through a really tough time in their life and

One day when they decide that they’ve had enough of being pushed around like a plastic bag, they finally stand up,

Take a gamble on themselves, ‘break bad’ and finally win in all situations?

One simple jump into a new reality was all they needed to bend reality to their will.

They become the architect of their lives.

They feel in control, and they know that they’re in control.

They do exactly what needs to be done to get what they want, and it’s as if they’ve become a different person who you almost cannot recognize.

They live a life where everything goes their way as though life now gives them ‘house odds.’

They spot opportunities, enjoy lucky breaks and can go all-in without using much effort. 

They play life like a game of chess, where they can win every single time — win in money, win in relationships, win in abundance.

The best part is they don’t even have to worry about being in a state of abundance or scarcity.

You just see what you want in your life and take what is yours,

as if you’re taking out something from the mail in a letterbox. 

You’ll live a life where you’re relaxed, calm, and poised, knowing that everything is literally within reach.

But here’s the catch.

You need to use this 7-word reality code to trigger your jump into a new life.

Then, you ‘leave’ this life, this world, and this timeline.”

It sounded as though I had to ‘end’ this life. 

And I did. 

Sort of. But not in the way that you would expect.

“Here’s how you do it. Remember timelines?

You need to use the 7-word command that I’m about to give you to ‘jump’ into a new reality.

You enter a new life where you’re the hero.

The more you use this 7-word command, the faster the ‘jump’ will be.

In fact, after I tell you these seven words,

it will be ‘engraved’ in your mind, and you’ll get the accelerated version of it. 

That means that you’ll get results faster than everyone else, Chloe.

That means that you’ll get results faster than everyone else, Chloe.

So, whenever you want something in your life, your life will become a game of chess, where you know the exact moves that your opponent will make.

You’ll be able to see what life is going to give you, even before it happens.

And you can take everything that you want.

It’s all yours, Chloe.

You ready?”

This was when he whispered the 7-word command into my ear. 

At first, it sounded so simple, almost brainless, effortless.

It was too easy to make this work.

There was no way that these 7 words could change my life.

But in this strange ‘dream’ nightmare,

I felt the command resounding in my mind, changing me, shifting the world I lived in. 

I thought that I was losing it again. But this time, it was calm and relaxed. I felt relaxed. 

And that was when I woke up in my ‘red’ bathtub. 

This was going to be the moment I ‘broke bad’ and finally became the ‘boss’ of my life.

Wealth, Relationships, and Power. They were all mine. 

I was reborn that night. Now that I knew I could make things happen.

That sick twisted insecurity inside me had been lifted.

I didn’t feel as though I needed to prove myself to anyone anymore.

I wasn’t a failure in my life.

I had just been sucked into another person’s world.

This time, I was going to live life on my terms and would be the one getting the promotion.

I would be the one to find love first, and I would say ‘f-you’ to Blake. He was the one who lost a catch like me, and I could tell myself that now, it was his loss, not mine. 

Then, I heard a whisper from Lucy again:

“You are now the master of your fate and the captain of your soul. Just jump into the world that you want. Try it today?”

I used the 7-word command.

And then I said, 

“I’m better than my a**hole manager who makes me do all the work without giving me any credit.”

When I arrived at the office, I bumped into the CEO of the company, Micheal. He was at the front desk, and it looked like he was waiting for me.

“Chloe, I need to speak to you. In my office.”

“Now, tell me what happened.”

Brett was taking advantage of me and getting all the credit.

Micheal was going through my documents in the messy pile on my table — piles of work for which I never got any credit.

He looked through them one by one and realized how much I had been contributing to the company.

Then, he saw that I was doing most of Brett’s work.

We walked back into his ‘CEO’ office, and that was when Micheal ‘fired me‘ from my old job.

“You take over Brett, starting today.”

As a sign of goodwill, Micheal took the letter of resignation that Brett wrote from under his desk and tore it up in front of me.

Then, he drafted a new contract, which stated that I would take over from Brett. 

“Better? We need you, Chloe. You’ve come a long way, and it would be a shame to lose you.” 

He was one of the most ‘overpaid’ guys in the company, basically making 6-figures a year for being a prick.

I knew this because I stumbled upon his payslip documents during one of those ‘overworked’ nights.

He lived a flashy lifestyle and came to work with pretentious Rolex watches and was always posting his vacations with his ‘weekly flings’.

Now, all that was going to be taken away from him in the blink of an eye. I didn’t feel a tinge of remorse. He deserved it.

I was going to make things right.

I announced to the team that I was taking over now and that things would run differently.

Some were shocked — Elizabeth’s mouth was wide open as she couldn’t believe what she saw. 

I thought to myself, could I find my soulmate and twin flame using this 7-word command too?

Not long after, I found this cute guy on a dating app. And this Friday, it was date night. 

I was eagerly waiting for my ‘man’ to fall from the sky. I was finally going to meet the one. Or so I thought.

It was 6 pm, and that was the time that we agreed to meet. Now, it was 6:15 pm… 6:30 pm. Still, no one showed up.

Did he ghost me? 

6:45 pm. That was it. Was I being left on the shelf again?

I packed up and left the cafe. As I was walking out, I kept thinking that my reality code didn’t work after all.

Suddenly, some idiot spilled freezing cold vanilla frappe onto my blouse. What had been a pristine, white top was now soaked in brown liquid.

As I locked eyes with this ‘idiot, I swear everything around me slowed down, and I knew.

It was only a second before he started apologizing profusely to me.

But I had never seen a more good-looking guy in my life. He was tall, dark and handsome.

Was he ‘the one’?

He took his paper napkin and tried to clean up my stained brown shirt. Blushing, he said:

“Hi, I’m so sorry for ruining your shirt. It did look really good on you, though. My name is Andrew.”

And now I’m embarrassed at this Starbucks, blushing too, lost for words.

Then he said,

“Can I get you a latte to make up for it? It’s on me.”

He had this gorgeous, gentle and caring smile.

He was so cute. So, I said yes.

And we instantly ‘connected’ over that latte.

“Was this love at first sight?” I thought to myself.

He’d recently had his best month in business, and he told me about how he was a ‘consultant’ for businesses, using his skills to help them generate profits. 

It was then I realized it was my new timeline that brought us together. The new timeline that I had jumped into with Lucy was now coming to life. 

My reality jump had worked!!!

This was the most powerful, exciting relationship I had ever been in. 

We were ‘crazy’ for each other, and we went on to grow the consulting business. 

We had this fiery, explosive love for life. Nothing could stand in our way.

We were the power couple, and we would go on to live the life of our dreams.

The best part? Michael, my CEO, was fully supportive of me! I managed to work remotely for Michael's company,

Just one deal alone with Andrew would be worth 10,000USD.

And we won many of those deals every month. 

I felt like I was adding value to the world, and people respected me for my time.

Safe to say, I no longer lived in that tiny apartment with a desk that I could barely fit my laptop on.

Instead, I now lived in a chic industrial loft apartment with the love of my life.

Also, I wasn’t taking public transport anymore.

This time, I was rolling to work, or the cafe I felt like working at, in my brand new A-Class Mercedes that I paid for in cash.

I loved the slick interior of my new car. It felt just right. 

Safe to say, I no longer lived in that tiny apartment with a desk that I could barely fit my laptop on.

Instead, I now lived in a chic industrial loft apartment with the love of my life.

Also, I wasn’t taking public transport anymore.

This time, I was rolling to work, or the cafe I felt like working at, in my brand new A-Class Mercedes that I paid for in cash.

I loved the slick interior of my new car. It felt just right. 

I was the ‘chess master’ this time. This was my timeline. 

In just five months, Andrew and I had the money to travel the world. 

So, we booked a flight around the world and a 14-day ‘getaway’ to the Maldives at the end of our ‘world tour.’

When we landed in the Maldives, I was lost for words.

It was the most beautiful place on earth — the warm summer breeze, the crystal clear blue waters, the palm trees swaying in the wind —I couldn’t help but soak it all in.

We even stayed in a quaint little resort built on stilts that had a straight view into the ocean. 

We were both able to work remotely, and I was making more than I could ever dream of.

It was 30 times my monthly salary when I had just started — just as Lucy had said.

I had gone full circle. I was now living the dream.

That night, with Andrew by my side in paradise, I fell asleep knowing that I had fully entered my new timeline.

And in my dream, I had another visit from Lucy. 

“How’s the new timeline?”

“Looks like you’re really enjoying yourself, Chloe. No regrets?”

At this point, I was living life to the fullest. There was nothing I couldn’t do. I felt unstoppable.

But, there was one final task from Lucy. 

“You’re the chosen one.”

“It’s time to share this with the world.

What I’ve given you is a gift, one that would help millions of people just like you,

who have been pushed around by life, pulled into worlds and timelines that they didn’t choose,

being manipulated to do things that they don’t want,

being made to feel miserable every day.

Wouldn’t you want to help them get out and be rewarded for doing so?

Make the program.

Call it ‘The Reality Code.’

Take everything you’ve done and everything you’ve learned and multiply it by a factor of 10.

Get Lily to help you out with this too.

She’ll know what to do.”

Now with an unstoppable mission, as soon as I got back from my World Tour, I got in touch with Lily, my best friend and personal psychologist.

She knew the transformation I’d experienced — getting rid of limiting beliefs,

developing focus and discipline, finding my life’s mission and goals —

would usually have taken years of therapy, counseling and career work.

But I had made that leap in just one month!

She told me that what I found was groundbreaking and that she had never seen a personal transformation like this in her life. 

As I talked to Lily, I realized that I could use the reality code much faster

because I was on the ‘edge of life.’

This meant that I was able to access a higher level of consciousness. 

”Here’s the brain MRI scan of someone who’s on the ‘living edge.’

Their whole brain just lights up, and they become a sponge for absorbing information.

As a result, they’re able to instantly ‘connect’ the dots and see things making sense in your life. 

It’s the moment where things ‘click’ and ‘fall’ into place.

As you can see, this part of the brain — which is responsible for spiritual experiences — and is usually dormant, lights up.”

This activates deep psychological, physiological and spiritual changes in your body and soul.

Most humans can only access this ‘edge of life’ when they’re experiencing an extremely traumatic situation or on their deathbed.”

Dr. Bruce Greyson, a leading expert on near-death experiences, talks about this in his book,

“After: A Doctor Explores What Near-Death Experiences Reveal about Life and Beyond.”

That was exactly what I went through in those painful ‘bloody bathtub’ moments, which led me to the greatest discovery of my life — The Reality Code.

I wanted to condense what I had, take the 7-word command and put it in its most potent form.

I wanted to deliver it in a way that you didn’t need to sit for hours meditating,,,

Or spend hours wasting your time writing pointless affirmations on a piece of paper,

Hoping that it would make a dent in your life.

In fact, the 7-word command is going to help you ‘jump’ through all the roadblocks in your life and enter your dream timeline.

Now, we’ve made it even more effective so that you can jump into a new timeline by activating the ‘dream state’ of your mind, which is free from subconscious blocks. 

We discovered that you don’t need to face high levels of pain to enter these states. 

Instead, by using a special ‘dream frequency,’ you’re able to tune out of your normal ‘monkey’ mind…

And consciously command your mind in a dream state,

Where your mind can naturally connect the dots, see the bigger picture,

Access higher consciousness that gives you the vision to see new timelines and make The Reality Jump.

This way, you won’t have to put in any effort or face any subconscious blocks holding you back from entering your new timelines.

Instead, you’re going to get the 7-word command in its most potent form.

With this dream state brainwave technology that instantly triggers higher consciousness levels,

Your mind will instantly slip into that spiritual ‘Near-Death Experience’ state.

In other words, your ego or ‘current sense of self’ will turn off.

All those blocks that you have,

blocks that will stop you from believing in the 7-word command,

blocks that will stop the command from being programmed and embedded in your subconscious

All that will turn off. 

You don’t have to develop a monk-like discipline to do this.

All you need to do is to find a quiet corner every day for 15 minutes.

And turn on the audio track, and ‘light up’ your mind's higher-consciousness switch...

This switch normally takes monks 20 years of contemplative, meditative practice to achieve

But with this audio track, you’ll be able to slip into that ‘higher consciousness’ state that makes the reality jump possible.

I’ve worked with several audio technicians and meditation specialists and spent over $10,000 of my own money on consulting psychology student graduates.

Getting cutting-edge research from Neurofeedback Phds to find and amplify this spiritual audio ‘switch.’

So, what you’re getting is a compilation of knowledge, wisdom and insight that has been ten years in the making.

And I believe that everyone who’s struggling right now… and wants more in life…

Deserves access to this.

This means that you won’t have to pay anywhere near this to use The Reality Code.

I’ve built the program, so that people like you can use The Reality Code. 

The Best Part?

You’re going to get everything that you need to make a permanent positive change in your life.

In other words, you get the supporting foundations to make this life-changing switch permanent.

After all, you don’t want to have a mind-blowing manifestation, only for it to fizzle out the following week. 

Besides, you’re going to be able to make reality jumps every single day, without fail.

This way, you can skip those ‘slow’ manifestation days where you feel that nothing is going your way. 

Since most of the time, your mind will not be in the ‘near death experience state’,

I want to give you a permanent spiritual high in your life, where every day is going to be blissful. 

However, this can be only done by using The Reality Code Timeline Exploration Guidebook,

which will help you create the necessary systems and structures in your life that will make manifestation an effortless, everyday routine for you that happens on autopilot.
You’ll wake up, and go to sleep, knowing that your manifestation powers are always running at full force. 

All you need to do is read the short guidebook, and the knowledge will seep into your mind changing the way that you operate subconsciously.

In fact, after just one day of using the audio track, and reading The Reality Code Timeline Exploration Guidebook,

you won't even be able to recognize yourself. 

All your problems will disappear into thin air.

Your troubled relationships, debts, anxiety

will all melt away, as you jump into your new timeline with The Reality Code. 

And Today, You're Going To It — All For Just $37 Only.

Regular Price




With The Reality Code program, you’ll be able to…

Enter a timeline that helps you pay all of your bills, rent and buy groceries on time.

Remember how I was close to being evicted from my apartment?

The reality code will allow you to enter a timeline where your physical needs have already been met.

This means that you won’t have to worry about those nagging bills.

You won’t have to worry about how you’ll be able to ‘afford’ next month.

You won’t have to worry about having a roof over your head.

Naturally, in this new timeline, you’ll have everything you need provided for you. 

It will be written in your stars, and fate will smile at you, providing you with all the shelter and protection that you need.
Next, The Reality Code will give you the power to 

Identify and exit timelines that others have created to manipulate you.

Remember how people can suck you into their world, make you feel weak, powerless, and out of control?

The Reality Code program will give you the ability and awareness to see what’s actually going on.

Due to the higher levels of consciousness that you’ll gain access to..

You’ll be able to instantly identify all the situations in which people are taking advantage of you,

making you feel inferior, confused and filled with self-doubt.

With this awareness,

your self-confidence will start to increase...

You’ll feel that instant ‘kick’ of motivation and willpower to influence and get the things that you want in your life.

And you’ll have certainty knowing that you’ll get it  

Full, complete and total confidence.

An unshakeable sense of self-assurance and poise will fill your soul, and you’ll always have what it takes to get the job done,

even if you feel self-doubt, worry and anxiety.

The Reality Code will wash all of that away because you’ll have all the skills and courage ‘pre-built into you in the new timeline that you enter.

All you need to do is use the 7-word command.

And once these toxic people have been ‘weeded’ out like parasites, you’ll..

Enter a timeline where strong, growth-oriented relationships naturally flow to you.

You’ll easily find yourself being drawn to circles of friends and support networks that

love you for who you are,

people who accept your insecurities,

who understand everything that you’ve been through.

You’ll have ‘coincidental’ experiences where you meet people who support you to reach your goals,
Unexpected occurrences — like how Andrew had entered my life and showed me the world of consulting,

like how Micheal became supportive of my remote working arrangement.

You’ll find yourself in a community that takes care of you and is always there for you...

Providing you with a shoulder to cry on when you need it and people who will become your greatest cheerleader when you succeed in life.

No one in your new timeline’s social circle will try to ‘leech’ off you and take advantage of your goodwill and kind nature. 

The best part is that you’ll also enter the ‘hot romance’ timeline where you meet your twin flame and soulmate in the next two weeks!

With The Reality Code,

you’ll begin to see visions of your loved one coming towards you.

Finally, someone you can trust with your life, a person that fills your life with love, passion and excitement, is bound to enter your life in your new timeline,

like the ‘hot steamy’ romances that you’ve always dreamed of as a child.

Maybe you’ve given up on finding love like that,

a ‘perfect fit’ kind of love,

someone that makes your life feel whole. 

And you should have.
Because in your current timeline, there’s no way you can find love like that. 

But, in the new timeline that you’ll enter with The Reality Code,

the planets will align in your favor.

Your soulmate and twin flame will find you — whether it’s in a cute cafe or a chance occurrence.

Once you open your mind to the power of The Reality Code...

The cogs of life will begin to spin, and your soulmate and twin flame will reach out to you and ‘pop up’ in your life.

And that is not even the best part. You see, this encounter is inevitable because it’s fated to happen in your new timeline!

This partner will help you to feel that sense of connection and love that you’ve always desired in your life.

That deep longing and desire will finally be fulfilled once you make The Reality Jump into your new timeline.

Jump Into Your Hot Timeline And Meet Your Soulmate With The Reality Code Today! 

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However, that is NOT all there is to The Reality Code.

The Reality Code Program will also help you:

Enter the timeline of wealth, prosperity and fulfilling careers. 

So, suppose you’re currently feeling ‘purposeless’ at work or lost in your way…

Dragging yourself to a deadbeat 9-5 job with no prospects for growth,

Barely paying you enough to get past the month,

Leaving your savings and credit card debt skyrocketing.

You should look forward to the timeline of prosperity. 

Your hidden skills and talents will begin to shine.

You’ll realize that you’re exceptionally brilliant at certain tasks and that you have the edge over others.

You’ll be able to see your natural ‘god-given abilities, and your co-workers, clients, and bosses will start to see it too.

Your newfound skills will begin to shine so brightly that you’ll become someone that people go to for advice.

You’ll feel able to lead others because of your exceptional talents, even if you think you don’t have any. 

You’ll feel able to lead others because of your exceptional talents, even if you think you don’t have any.

You see, we’ve tested The Reality Code with over 273 people,

And every single one of them has found their calling, their true ‘strengths’ and ‘weaknesses’...

And they were able to use this insight to land themselves in a career that they’ve always dreamed of and desired. 


You'll discover a timeline where you can live authentically, with your true identity and your life’s inner calling.

With this newfound purpose and calling, you’ll be able to make an impact on the world.

You’ll have the power, people skills, and ability to move causes that are worth fighting for.

You’ll become one of the ‘shapers’ and leaders in your life.

You’ll influence to leave a legacy and live a meaningful and fulfilling life.

And lastly, you’ll...

Get clairvoyance and see
into the future of each timeline
you could jump into.

You’ll be able to see the ‘start’ and ‘end’ points of your life.

And get glimpses into the future where you know exactly how things will turn out… with just one small action.

You’ll have ‘psychic’ like abilities, and you’ll be able to see the ‘flows’ of life, and how they’ll spiral.

You’ll see the ‘beginnings’ and ‘endings’ of each timeline.

And this will give you the power to choose the ones that you truly want, the ones that truly align with your soul’s desires and calling.

You’ll be able to anticipate obstacles… and gain a higher ‘metacognition’ of what’s to come… days, weeks, months…

If not even years before it actually happens in your life.

I saw the beginning and ends of each timeline.

I saw how the path that I was currently on was going to lead to self-destruction…

And how one jump would bridge me into a new life where I already had everything that I wanted.

Here’s What Our Users Have To Say About The Reality Code:

“Struggle free manifestation!”

I didn’t even have to try to make my first manifestation come true.

The first time I followed the ritual, and listened to the 7-word command I was skeptical and worried about the results.

But 5 minutes in, I could ‘feel’ the change in my body. It was as if my ‘negativity’ was just disappearing, and I saw the new life that I had for myself!

The very next day, I had found $50 dollars on the street, AND I had 3 new clients that wanted to work with me! Each of them would be worth $2,500 every month.

Heidi Brooks  //  North Carolina

“I was depressed”

I was lost, depressed, and really exhausted with life before reading this book.

I tried tons of personal development programs before this… and they took too long. The worst part was that I didn’t get any results.

After my first reality jump… it was as if all the past pain that I had in my life was wiped clean!

In just a week, I had paid down 80% of my debts… and I’m on track to clearing it all.

The best part is, I think that I’ve met someone really special in my life.

10/10 for me. 

Gerardo Montgomery  //  Montana

“Saved 5 years of manifestation efforts!”

I’ve been into personal development for the past 5 years… and I’ve gotten some results, but nothing like this.

If you’re skeptical and still considering getting the reality code… DO NOT HESITATE. It is life changing, and you need to get it now. 

Kerry Schwartz  //  Delaware

“I didn’t even have to try”

With the 7-word command, it was as if I was living a new life with everything that I had.

Everything good was happening to me automatically in my life.

It’s as if the reality code is running in the background, and I can sit back and enjoy the new life that I’ve jumped into.

Although it took me 2 weeks to fully shift into this new timeline that I’m living in now…

I can’t say enough good things about the reality code program! 

Todd Simon  //  New York

“A Giant Leap Forward”

This is even better than the law of attraction.

It’s bigger, stronger, and simpler than what other gurus are preaching.

Just one night with the reality code program gave me an enlightening experience.

I finally understood what was wrong with my life, and everything started falling into place. I didn’t have to fight, or even put in any effort to get what I wanted in my life. I could start moving things around with my mind,

Now I’ve finally found peace in all my relationships. I don’t have to worry about anyone leaving me or treating me poorly again.

Thanks Reality Code Team!

Jeanette Lawson  //  Pennsylvania

You’ll also receive an in-depth ‘map’ of the entire Reality Code Universe 

To help you embed The Reality Code into every facet of your life. 

You’ll understand the theory and science behind this program,

So that you can integrate The Reality Code program effortlessly into every part of your life…

Here are my gifts to you, when you choose to get The Reality Code Today. 


The Reality Code Digital Journal (Worth $27)

With The Reality Code Planner, you’ll be able to keep track of all the new Reality Jumps that you’ve made. 

And there are daily reminders on the book, which remind you to use The Reality Code whenever you need it.

These daily reminders also help you to strengthen your jump into a new timeline to help you to make it happen consistently.

This means that a Reality Jump is always within your reach, and you’re always on the path to success no matter what stands in your way… 

It’s in PDF form. So, you can print it out and use it instantly.

Otherwise, it’s also available in a digital version, so that you can take your notes digitally and keep track of your Reality Jumps, on the go, with just your phone or laptop.


The Reality Code ‘Timeline Exploration’ Guidebook
($197 VALUE)

This Guidebook shows you the ‘Map’ of The Reality Code. 

You’ll see all the negative, and toxic timelines that you’ve been sucked into...

It will give you specific instructions on how to exit these timelines…

And it will also show the roadmap and path to jumping into new timelines, where your wishes have already come true.

All of which are supported by years of research,

Each chapter has 7 strategies you can use to accelerate your Reality Jump. 

This means that you’ll not only have the 7-word command to help you make the reality jump instantly, you’ll also get this spiritual toolbox to help you find and discover new realities that you can jump into.


The Reality Code 7-Word Command Audio Triggers  
($127 VALUE)

These Audio Trigger Tracks will put your mind in a deep meditative state where you’re able to make connections with the world…

And you’ll be able to melt away all your subconscious blocks by placing you in a deep monk-like focused state. 

This audio track combined with the 7-word command will give you the power to make Reality Jumps almost instantly.

It will make the hairs on your arms tingle… and you’ll feel yourself melting into the new timeline that you’ve chosen for yourself.

The scenery around you will start to change… and it will feel as though you’re being released from your old life. 


The Reality Code Ritual: Preparing Your Mind For The First Reality Jump. ( Worth $67 )

This module will show you exactly how you can prime your mind, to make your first Reality Jump and blazing speeds.

It will allow you to escape all of your fears, doubts, and uncertainties, and it contains a special theta wave practice that you can use to quieten the monkey mind,

Allowing your mind to be porous, open, and ready to receive the 7-word Reality Jump command

This means that the 7-word command will be strengthened… and you’ll effortlessly jump into your new reality.


The Reality Code Mystical Art: Stay Inspired To Make Reality Jumps Every Day ($97 Value)

These posters will remind you of what’s possible with the reality code.

Each of these posters have been designed by mystical artists that will visually inspire you to live your best life.

Each poster will have a powerful reality code phrase that will keep you anchored, grounded,

and ready to travel into the life that you’ve dreamed for yourself. 

Receive Your Full Reality Code Program & The Additional Bonuses For Only $37 Today!

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And before you make your order, I’d like to bring something up.
It has to do with buying this program. 

Which can feel like you’re making a big jump…

Especially if you’ve got rental payments, late bills, and that there’s not enough to go around.

And it feels like life is spiraling out of control.

Until I felt that I was going to ‘break bad’...

Honestly, there were many times where I wanted to give up on myself. Stop having hope… and end the pain. 

But I’m confident that The Reality Code will do everything we promise and more.

It’s going to help you make the jump into a new timeline where everything you desire already exists…

It’s there waiting for you to take it.

Your soulmate and twin flame, your dream career… a life filled with purpose and fulfillment. 

And that’s why I’ve decided with Lily to give you a full 100% no questions asked, money-back guarantee, for a full 60 days.

Here’s Our Reality Bending — 60 Day Guarantee.

It only took me 6 hours to see my first Reality Jump.

In the next 48 hours of taking the leap of faith with The Reality Code...

I guarantee that your reality will start to ‘bend’ in ways that you never expect. 

You’ll see things start to shift in your life.

Whether it’s an opportunity that presents itself, or you find that things just begin to go your way.

It’ll feel like you’re the master of your life, you’ll feel certain that good things are coming your way… and that you’re slipping into a new timeline that you want.

It may not be as dramatic as getting Brett fired, and taking over his position as a manager…

But you’ll be guaranteed to see Reality bend in front of your eyes.

You’ll notice the change internally, and you’ll find the fire kindle inside you to claim what you deserve in your life, as well as the unshakeable certainty and belief that you’re going to get it.

 And if you find that in the next 48 hours… you haven’t been able to make your first Reality Jump,

I don’t want to take your program fees. I’ll personally refund it all back to you.

No questions asked. 

So are you ready to make your FIRST Reality Jump?

The Reality Code Timeline Exploration Guidebook


The 7-Word Reality Code Audio Command


The Reality Code Ritual: Preparing Your Mind For The First Reality Jump


The Reality Code Digital Journal


The Reality Code Mystical Art


Total Value